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End of financial year to drive autumn property markets

End of financial year to drive autumn property markets

Media release Tuesday 5th April, 2016

Is an extension really extending?

Is an extension extending?

It is a common issue for home owners to spend large amounts of money on their home and not see a return on their investment.

Moving is Fun?

“Move House” they said, “It’ll be fun” they said.

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Look out first home buyers - It's a trap!

When you buy an established home the last thing you want is surprises after settlement day.

What a better answer – change the question

What a better answer – change the question

The state government has gone a long way to ensure that buyers understand the process of buying a house.

Considering a building inspection

Considering a building inspection?

No one expects the real estate agent to give a confident building inspection, for starters they are not in that business, their job is to sell the home and really if they did do inspections, would...

7 Tips for Property Investors

7 Tips for Property Investors

I regularly get asked but perspective property investors, ‘what should I look for when I’m looking to buy an property, to help get the most for it when I sell it in the future?’.

Buy Your Home or Rent Someone Else’s?

With the recent movement in the market, I am seeing more and more articles in the media that are arguing the point that we would be better off to rent than buy our principal place of residence.

Should I invest in houses or units

Should I invest in houses or units

Many people often ask the question “Which will give me the most capital gain, purchasing a unit or a house?”

Angus Raine, Executive Chairman and CEO of Raine & Horne

Raine & Horne says rate cut will be good news for regional Australia

This week’s decision by the Reserve Bank to trim interest rates by 25 basis points will provide some incentives for first home buyers and investors in regional Australia, according to leadi

Home Buying Basics - Michael McDonald

Home Buying Basics

Home Buying Basics Michael McDonald CEO – Raine & Horne SA

LOOKING UP: Robbie Palmer of Raine & Horne agrees that Mudgee has great growth potential.

Mudgee rated one of Australia’s best property investments

Real estate agent Robbie Palmer agrees with the latest report positioning Mudgee as one of Australia’s most rewarding real estate investments.

"Buying property is one of, if not the most expensive thing you will do I your life."

Three common punches real estate investing can throw

There are always going to be bargains, throw aways and special offers which will attract you, pull you in and hold you tight.

South Australian seniors will be offered an $8500 grant if they downsize to a smaller home.

South Australian Budget: help for seniors to downsize

South Australian seniors will be offered an $8500 grant if they downsize to a smaller home.

Interior designer and design lecturer Annalisa Capurro likes mid-century homes for their orientation, natural sunlight and airflow, and the idea that each space has a purpose. Photo: Rob Homer

Architecture lovers putting Mid-century Modernist homes before all else

Forget the waterfront home with the tennis court and space for days.

If the State Government won’t abolish property stamp duty it should as least reimburse it to some homebuyers, says real estate agent Darren Bayford. Source: News Limited

Reimburse stamp duty, says agent

THE State Government should reimburse stamp duty to people who own a house for less than three years, an experienced real estate agent says.

Guaranteed Rent! Is it really?

Guaranteed Rent! Is it really?

When you see the option to buy an investment property that is either already tenanted or has guaranteed rent it can look very attractive.

Darwin City & Harbour - Raine & Horne

It’s a buyer’s market in Darwin says Raine & Horne

Settlement of 200 off-the plan properties takes investors out of Greater Darwin market for now

Home buyers rush to beat end of first home owner grant in SA - Michael Mcdonald

Home buyers rush to beat end of first home owner grant in SA

First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) of $5,000 for established homes to be axed in South Australia on 30 June, 2014 The deadline has prompted a flood of last minute first home buyer activity

Property in Rapid Creek for sale

First timers lured back to Darwin market

Low interest rates and first home owner grants are tempting first-time buyers back into the Darwin real estate market, according to a leading agent in the region.

Balancing Up The Current Real Estate market Type

Real Estate Market Types

The type of real estate market you are in has a large bearing on the decisions you will make when either buying or selling a property. Although it can be said that there are many variations and...

Wealth through Healthy Debt

Wealth through Healthy Debt

Traditionally many home owners focus primarily on aiming to pay off their home loan as fast as possible and because of that they tend to overlook the advantages that may be associated with staying

Warning Signs For First Time Buyers

Warning Signs For First Time Buyers

Buying a home is an exciting time, and your first home will have your nerves, thoughts and your stomach all doing loops.

Building Inspector

A “Building Inspection” Versus a Building Inspection

It is quite normal now-a-days for a potential buyer to have a building inspection carried out on a property they are interested in either prior to making an offer or just after having an offer acce


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