Your First Open Inspection

An open inspection is held to provide an opportunity for potential buyers to view the property in a non-threatening environment but more often than not it’s the home owner who goes into a panic trying to make sure everything is right. To help get you through this, we have spoken to many of our Raine & Horne sales agents and here are some of their tips for a good open inspection:

  • Try to make your home as light and bright as possible. It’s a fact that bright homes do sell more quickly.
  • Have a quiet word to neighbors if they have noisy dogs, remember the buyers will be wondering around the yard and if the dog next door starts barking, this can be a real turn off for potential buyers.
  • Use your heating or cooling to make sure potential buyers feel comfortable, buying a home is a emotional decision and if there are comfortable in the home then they will relax more.
  • Ensure that you lock away any precious jewelry, ipods, laptops, etc, although theft is very unlikely we don’t believe in tempting fate. The other thing to look at is any little treasures that could be picked up by young children.
  • Also ensure all side gates, roller doors, etc are locked, this means the buyer will have to walk by the agent on the way in and out, this will add more security and give us the opportunity to get their feedback on the home.
  • Make sure all the light globes throughout the home are working. It helps give a feeling that the home well maintained and cared for.
  • Make sure any open areas such as carports are completely bare as the presence of boxes and/or other items might signal a lack of storage space to potential buyers.
  • Lock the garage or shed if it has tools or valuables in it but make sure you leave the key with the agent incase a potential buyer wants to inspect inside.
  • To make your rooms look as big as possible, try taking out any unnecessary furniture. It will give the home a spacious feeling.
  • Focus your time on the kitchen and the wet areas, these areas tend to be what genuine buyers always seem to target as the most important, ensure you clear off benches as much as possible to give a feeling of space.

The most important thing is don’t wear yourself out. Your property doesn’t have to be a show home and remember you still have to live in it as well.